Harold Ramis + Michael Cera + Jack Black = Superhilarious Comic Voltron

Harold Ramis at AFFAccording to Entertainment Weekly, Jack Black, Harold Ramis, Michael Cera and Judd Apatow are teaming up with The Office writers Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg for a new comedy called Year One.

I could take or leave Apatow, but I don’t think it’s too soon to call this the best comedy ever made. Ever. Made. Harold Ramis is just plain awesome, and Michael Cera is easily the funniest 19 year-old in the world. And though Jack Black has been in more mediocre movies than great ones, I just can’t stop liking the guy–he’s like an adorable puppy that you can’t stay mad at.

No solid word on a plot just yet, but apparently it’s about a “lazy hunter-gatherer who becomes the first modern man”. Let’s hope this dream-team doesn’t pull a Congo on us.

Oh, hey… here’s a great Believer interview with Harold Ramis.

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