Link Roundup for June 12th through June 13th

  • The Siskel & Ebert YouTube Guide
    This has been up for a while, so you may have seen it, but part-time Austinite and popular movie critic Scott Weinberg has a fantastic collection of old Siskel & Ebert reviews. Definitely worth a browse, but be prepared to lose some productivity.
  • Speaking of Vampires… The Lost Boys 2 Trailer
    The long-unwanted sequel to the absolutely amazing vampire flick Lost Boys is going straight to DVD in the near future. Who'd have guessed? I've got to admit though… I'm a little curious to see the Coreys battle vampires again. Kind of.
  • Twilight Is the Hot New Vampire Movie for Teens
    I must be way out of the Young Adult horror/fantasy loop, because I'd never even heard of Twilight until a few months ago. But apparently it's a wildly popular series of vampire novels. Some even call author Stephenie Meyer the "American J.K.Rowling".
  • Paramount Summer Classic Film Series Gets its Own Website
    Finally, there's a decent way to browse the Paramount's Summer Classic Film Series schedule. The website looks great… and you can finally buy tickets online!
  • Blogopticon Map Includes Gothamist
    Vanity Fair puts the Gothamist network (Austinist's publisher) in a reasonably non-insulting spot on their "Blogopticon". We're apparently slightly less newsy than Salon, yet more scurrilous. Which I thought was complimentary until I looked it up.

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