Link Roundup for June 14th through June 16th

  • Hitchens on Bohemia
    It's not about movies or music or Austin. But I like Hitchens a lot, and he's right: "on the day when everywhere looks like everywhere else we shall all be very much impoverished, and not only that…we will be unable to express or even understand or depict what we have lost."
  • Special-Effects Pioneer Stan Winston Dies at 62
    The world just got a lot less awesome.
  • Trailer for Spike Lee’s Miracle at St. Anna
    Lee's newest follows Buffalo Soldiers trapped behind enemy lines in Italy during WWII. The trailer looks good… release is set for the fall. I think it's about time I watched Do the Right Thing again. It's probably time you did too. (via Ain't it cool)
  • Alamo July/August Calendar Available
    Some really fun stuff in the next few months, including a Spaced marathon hosted by Edgar Wright, a trip to Bracken Bat Cave for the Dark Knight opening, a Monte Hellman triple-feature, a Slapshot roadshow and Guillermo Del Toro live to open Hellboy 2.
  • The 50 Worst Sex Scenes in Cinema
    Some with clips. Howard the Duck = agreed.

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