Link Roundup for January 24th through February 1st

  • Joan Didion on "The Panic in Needle Park"
    Novelist Joan Didion talks to IFC's Aaron Hillis about the re-release of a film she co-adapted with her husband in 1971, "The Panic In Needle Park".
  • Watch Online: The Vanishing (1988)
    Apparently, the original version of the Dutch thriller The Vanishing–which is supposedly fantastic–has been available for a while now through Criterion. I've been wanting to see it, but didn't think it was out on DVD. You can also watch it (along with select other films) for $5 through the criterion website.
  • Get Your War On: The Definitive Account
    Though David Rees' fantastic comic Get Your War On is officially over, you can get the almost complete collection in book form.
  • Crips and Bloods: Made In America
    Stacy Peralta's now retitled "Crips & Bloods: Made In America" is opening soon in select cities. Hopefully, it'll swing through Austin before its DVD release this spring.

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