Herzog’s Rescue Dawn

Here’s a trailer for the new Werner Herzog film, Rescue Dawn. I’m sort of surprised that I hadn’t heard more about it until recently–it had a limited release yesterday, and will apparently hit more screens on July 20th. It’s a narrative feature based on Herzog’s 1998 documentary Little Dieter Needs to Fly, the story of an American pilot who was shot down and captured in Laos during the Vietnam war.

Looks good. I’m admittedly late to the “loving Christian Bale” party–I guess I should have joined in immediately after Newsies, what with all the heel-clicking and unionizing and whatnot–but I’m a full-on Herzog fan. The only part that worries me about Rescue Dawn is that Steve Zahn has a lead role. What the hell?

Oh hey, here’s a video of Herzog being randomly shot by a passerby during an interview in Los Angeles.

[Official Movie Website]

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