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SUmmercamp!I’ve been wanting to see Bradley Beesley and Sarah Price’s 2006 documentary Summercamp! for a while now. Price is one of the directors behind American Movie, which is easily one of my favorite documentaries (if not plain old movies) ever. So I was happy to find out that you can stream Summercamp! in its entirety through AOL’s “True Stories” website. For free. The quality isn’t brilliant, and it awkwardly inserts an ad every fifteen minutes, but it’s a fun watch anyway.

Summercamp! is a shiny little gem of a movie–pretty much everything I expected it to be. The film follows a group of kids aged five to sixteen as they attend Swift Nature Camp, a summer getaway (for both the kids and the parents, I’m sure) located in the lush greenery of Northwestern Wisconsin. It’s a fairly straightforward portrait of camp life, without any major ups or downs–but the kids are funny and brilliant and heartbreaking in the way that only kids can be. And for better or worse it’ll transport you back to that glorious time of life when all was possibility.

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