Link Roundup for June 2nd through June 3rd

  • Weird Wednesday Blog!
    Weird Wednesday is an incredibly popular, incredibly awesome weekly film series hosted by Lars Nilsen at the Alamo Drafthouse. Every week, he showcases bizarre, rare and/or fantastic movies you might not otherwise see. And now, he’s writing about them. Which is great, because I don’t get to go to Weird Wednesdays very often (they’re all Midnight shows), and Lars has a superhuman knowledge of cinema.
  • NPR: Tom Waits Interviews Tom Waits
    I heart Tom Waits.
  • NY Times Piece on the “Reverse Rollout” of Baghead, Which Opens in Austin Before NYC and LA
    The Times has a piece about the unconventional rollout for the new Duplass Bros. flick Baghead. I tried to see this at its single SXSW screening and was totally shut out, along with about 150 others. All early word suggests it’s awesome.
  • Watch Online, Through Your TV
    This is the appliance that lets you stream Netflix “Watch Instantly” titles right to your TV. For $99, it’s beyond awesome. It’s not HD yet, but Netflix says it’s HD-ready, and they’ll have some fancy high-def content up soon.

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