Link Roundup for June 29th through June 30th

  • Repo: The Genetic Opera
    This Generation's Rocky Horror? Not quite sure what to make of this yet, but it looks totally strange in a good way. I'll try to ignore the "from the producers of SAW" bit.
  • The 2008 Fantasia Film Festival
    I wish I had an unlimited supply of time and money. This year's Fantasia Film Festival looks pretty unbelievable. If you live anywhere near Montreal, you should go.
  • The Ultimate Dark Knight Adventure
    This may be the coolest movie adventure yet–a trip to Bracken Bat Cave, followed by a screening of Dark Knight. I've been to Bracken, and it's amazing on its own–you've never seen this many bats in your life. Literally; it's the worlds largest colony.
  • Clive Barker On Lionsgate’s Mistreatment of Midnight Meat Train
    I have to admit, the title "Midnight Meat Train" isn't as appropriate for a movie as it is for a short story. But I'm still jazzed about seeing this–the first in a series of adaptations based on Barker's brilliant "Books of Blood".

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