Link Roundup for August 14th through August 18th

  • Lionsgate Tries Bipartisan Approach to ‘W’ Marketing
    It might just be me, but these posters don't scream "drama". Still, I'm a fan of Josh Brolin, and I'm excited about seeing this.
  • LAN Party Massacre
    Gamerz beware. Via BoingBoing.
  • Austin Chronicle: Best of Austin 2008
    It's that time of year again. Please vote for Austinist in the "Local Non-Chronicle Publication", "Local Entertainment Website" and "Local Blog" sections.
  • Very Short Stories
    Kristin and I were just talking about Hemingway's shortest story, and while I was looking for the exact phrasing, I come across this Wired list of stories written in the same spirit. Some are fantastic. Some are not.

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