Link Roundup for March 2nd

  • Cinematic Titanic Come to Austin
    If you live in Austin, you should check out Cinematic Titanic this weekend–it's the original cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000 in a traveling show, riffing on a different movie every night. Of course, Austin has its own gang of handsome heckler heroes in the Master Pancake Theatre crew, but still… MST3K!!!
  • Arthouse to Distribute Visual Acoustics
    The folks at Arthouse films have acquired the rights to Eric Bricker's Visual Acoustics, a fantastic documentary portrait of architectural photographer Julius Schulman. They plan a theatrical release sometime this year, followed by a DVD release. Recommended.
  • Patton Oswalt Is Gay-tham for Statham
    How did I not know Patton Oswalt had a myspace blog? Anyway–I agree with him on this Jason Statham thing. Totally badass action hero whose movies are somehow completley disposable, but totally awesome at the same time. Via the Alamo Blog.
  • The Whole Shootin Match on 3-Disc DVD
    Austinite Eagle Pennell's lost (sort of) iindie slacker (sort of) classic The Whole Shootin' Match is now available on DVD, in a handsome 3-disc set. Definitely worth getting. I've also noticed that one of its stars, Lou Perryman (a great Texas character actor who was also in Texas Chainsaw Massacre II) has been making the rounds commenting on blog posts and articles about it. Lou seems like a great guy–I saw him on a TCM panel at Fangoria weekend last year, and on a panel for Shootin' Match during a special SXSW screening in 07.

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