Texas Frightmare Weekend

This Saturday I drove up to Dallas for part of the Texas Frightmare Weekend, a (now) annual three-day horror convention that featured George Romero, Doug Bradley, Tom Savini and Clint Howard, among a whole bunch of other horror-type folks.

The show was a bit smaller than I’d expected–it basically occupied a large hallway and two mid-size conference rooms at the Omni hotel–but overall it was good. Listening to Doug Bradley talk about Hellraiser was a lot of fun; I’m a huge Clive Barker fan, and this show finally gave me a chance to gather some more autographs on my Hellraiser box set (nerdy…I know). Doug also confirmed something that I’d read earlier: that he hasn’t been asked to participate in the Hellraiser remake, and that Clive has pretty much only agreed to write it to prevent anybody else from screwing it up–which sort of makes it okay, I guess. But not really.

Clint Howard’s “Inside the B-Actor’s Studio” was surprisingly good too (and it added the most to my Netflix queue), but by far the most popular panel was the “Creepshow 25th Anniversary” featuring George Romero and Adrienne Barbeau. But of course, most of the audience questions were about Romero’s zombie films–including his upcoming Diary of the Dead, which he says is pretty much finished. Sure, Land of the Dead wasn’t very good, but it’s still hard not to be excited about a new Romero film.

Ahyhoo, I’ve got a few photos I’ll post as soon as I find my USB cable.

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