Link Roundup for January 7th through January 11th

  • Wolves In The Throne Room EP and Full-length This Spring
    This spring, Washington-based black metal band Wolves in the Throne Room will release a new EP along with (finally) a new full-length called Black Cascade, both through Southern Lord. If you're into black metal, and haven't yet heard these guys, you need to check out their 2007 Two Hunters EP. It's stellar.
  • Tufte Comes to Austin
    Data visualization rockstar Edward Tufte will be teaching a one-day course in Austin at the end of this month. Cost is $380 per person, and includes copies of all four of his books.
  • NIN’s Best-Selling, Creative Commons Licensed Album
    Over at the CC blog, Fred Benenson asks why so many people paid for a Nine Inch Nails record they could have legally downloaded for free.
  • Porn Industry Seeks Federal Bailout
    If I didn't hate Joe Francis so much, this would be really funny.

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