Link Roundup for January 5th through January 6th

  • Cinephiliac’s Best of 2008
    Critic, filmmaker, and DVD label owner Aaron Hillis has posted a list of his favorite films for 2008. Some I've seen, some I now want to see. Hillis has recently taken over duties as postmaster at the highly awesome Greencine Daily blog, while longtime GC overlord David Hudson has moved to
  • First Trailer For Romero’s …OF THE DEAD
    Twitch has the first trailer for George Romero's new zombie flick "…Of The Dead". It's a lame title, to be sure. But it might be good. Question Mark?
  • In Slightly Better Horror News, Universal Sells Rogue for $150 Million
    In contrast to the recent mainstreaming of Lionsgate, Rogue Pictures (who've released some solid original genre flicks like Shaun of the Dead and The Strangers) were just purchased by Relativity Media, who apparently think the company has some value. Fingers crossed.
  • Will We Be Able to Watch Watchmen?
    Twitch Film's Rodney Perkins has some fantastically detailed coverage of the ongoing lawsuit between Fox and Warner over the upcoming big-screen adaptation of the popular graphic novel Watchmen. If you ask me, this case is a perfect example of our need for sweeping copyright reform.

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