Link Roundup for August 11th through August 24th

    Very, very cool WordPress plugin that lets you add comments/annotations to individual paragraphs in your posts. (via @doctorow)
  • Big Fan Trailer
    Not sure what to think of this one–starring Patton Oswalt (yay!) and written/directed by ex-Onion editor Robert Siegel (yay!), this flick was apparently originally written as a comedy, but wound up a drama. Hmm…
  • Doug Pray’s "Art & Copy"
    A new documentary by Doug Pray (who made Scratch, Hype!, and Surfwise) about the advertising business and its superstars.
  • Nick Cave’s New Novel: The Death of Bunny Munro
    Cave's first novel since his debut, in 1989. From the sound of the blurb, Cave took a bit of inspiration from Cormac McCarthy while working on the soundtrack for "The Road".

    I've never read Cave's other novel, "And the Ass Saw the Angel"–I should get around to that.

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